San Jose Drug Rehab and Addiction Scene

San Jose ranks third in California, and it is the county seat for Santa Clara County. With over 7,000,000 people living in the San Francisco Bay, this region has had its share of drug use and addiction It is important to address the serious issue of addiction in the Bay Area and all the associated societal issues. In order to make these issues more visible to a wider range of social classes, it is necessary to develop comprehensive strategies.

In general, the attitude toward drugs is becoming increasingly indifferent. Law enforcement has made countless failures to try and improve or decrease drug abuse. San Jose California, is no different. Marijuana is California’s most abused drug. Marijuana addiction treatment is on the rise. California Alcohol & Drug Data System reported that marijuana treatment admittances rose dramatically in 2010 from 20143 in 2000, to 23531.

There is a wide availability of methamphetamine from Mexican cartels, as well Asian gangs. Drug abuse is an issue in this part of the country. Just fewer than twenty percent of arrested people tested positive for Methamphetamine in the 90’s. Over 35% test positive. This rate increased from 2000-2003. San Jose’s meth abuse rate among women is high, and similar to San Diego. In the last few years, over 40% female arrestees have been found positive for meth.

In the San Jose region, Mexican cartels sell black tar as the only form of heroin. When heroin is not available, addicts often turn to clonazepam for relief from withdrawal symptoms. Heroin dependence and abuse are among the toughest drugs to beat, with withdrawal symptoms that can rival a serious case of influenza. The National Drug Intelligence Center report shows that although cocaine abuse is behind heroin and Methamphetamine in Northern California. Powder and crack cocaine, as well as heroin are both abused regularly in the region. But little cocaine is being sold in San Jose.