What are some of the top tourist attractions in London, England?

London’s population is just over 14,000,000. The capital city of England, London can be described as vibrant, noisy, and multicultural. London remains the global center for culture, education and politics. You can see Crown Jewel Tour for more information.

Tower of London

London’s Tower of London can be found in the heart of London right next to the River Thames. This is a very popular tourist attraction. Tower of London is a historic building that has seen many uses over time. Constructed more than 900 year ago by William the Conqueror the Tower of London, is rich in history. Royals have used it as refuges and bases of power throughout the centuries. Beefeaters guard the Crown Jewels of her majesty in The Tower. The White Tower is located at the top of the Tower of London. The beautiful stone tower houses an impressive exhibition of Tudor-Hanoverian-Stuart and Windsor armor. Start with the armor created for sporting events and on the battlefields. The main highlights are the Henry VIII, Charles 1 and their magnificent armour.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey – London’s landmark and must-see London attraction – is just a short distance from the Thames. This gothic masterpiece is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Geoffrey Chaucer is buried there along with Charles Dickens. Charles Darwin was also buried here. The Abbey is the place where many Kings and Queens are crowned. Many Royal Weddings take place there, such as the one between Prince William Middleton and Kate Middleton. Westminster Abbey London, a stunning building with a beautiful exterior for visitors to take photos of. Some of the best features within the abbey are the statue of Mary carrying Jesus and the Little Cloister, which is located in front the College Gardens.

The Monument

The Monument has been designed by Sir Christopher Wren to commemorate the Great Fire of London. The Monument is the tallest stone column and the oldest in the World. It’s located at pudding lane on 202 feet of the site where many believe the great London fire to have originated. For the best views in London, you will need to ascend the 311 steps. A certificate is also awarded.

Thames river cruise

Thames river cruises is a wonderful way to explore London and its famous attractions. From the comfort of a boat with an open roof, you can enjoy London’s famed tourist sites. Thames river cruises offer a view of London’s famous landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, Big Ben (the clock tower), the Tower of London Tower Bridge Canary Wharf St Paul’s Cathedral HMS Belfast Tate Modern, and Shakespeare’s Globe. On the boat you will also be able to get a better look at controversial Millennium Footbridge.