Self-Defense Training — What’s the Best Hand-Tohand Close-Quarter Combat System For Self-Defense Training

Are you serious in learning street-ready, real-world self-defense? Maybe you’ve already taken some classes or even enrolled in a program for self-defense and martial arts. Maybe you’re one of many students worldwide who is learning by themselves, using dvds and books as well as online video training or articles. Visit john black combat fighter before reading this.

No matter how or where you train you will have some questions about the various methods, theories and systems available online.

If you are serious about getting the best training, one of the most common questions I get is…
“What do you think of “XYZ” or martial arts?” Or, in other words… “Which martial-art or close-quarters-combat self-defense method is best?”

It’s not like they ask about an art system or art called “XYZ.” This was to be used in place of any number close-quarter and hand-to–hand combat fighting systems. It means that my “XYZ”, could be replaced with a martial art.

Ninjutsu/Nipo-Taijutsu – The self-defense system of Japan’s ancient Ninja families
Aikijujutsu (unarmed combat art of the Samurai)
Tae kwon do

It could be used to replace self-defense system like:

Krav maga
EDR (Emotion-based Defensive Respond)

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