Enjoying the Pursuit of Play on an Activity Cruise

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Since the heyday of the ocean liners in the 20th century, millions of cruise lovers have indulged their fantasies of relaxation and pampering under blue tropical skies, atop silvery seas with moonlight, and on the beaches of exotic islands. The cruise industry has recently focused on activity cruises to attract a more active traveler.

A pleasure cruise will take you to the destination of your choice in style and luxury. An activity cruise is different from other pleasure cruises in that you can plan ahead to take part in various onshore activities. Your cruise ship will be waiting for you when you return after each day of fun.

There are many different types of activity cruises.

A cruise activity is perfect for those who believe that traveling is a way to discover a new place in a more personal manner. You can spend your day on an activity ship scuba-diving among the coral reefs of Nassau or cycling along the paths of the Nassau public gardens.

Golf and shopping are always on the agenda on an activity cruise. Having your greens fee paid and tee off time scheduled in advance allows you to relax and enjoy 18 holes at some of the most beautiful real estate, such as the Blue Canyon Club of Phuket.

Signing up for an activity cruise means you understand that there will be no downtime once you return to the ship after a tiring day on the water or in the sun. On an activity cruise, the activity director is responsible for ensuring that you have plenty of entertainment to keep you entertained. There will be a lot of decisions to make regarding cocktail parties, mini golf, shuffleboard and slots tournaments. You may also have to decide on dance and karaoke competitions or other activities that are designed to bring you and your shipboard friends together.

Cruises for Families

Don’t worry if you have a small child. There are many cruise ships that offer family cruises, which keep your children entertained with or without you. Your cruise operator can let you know if this is the ship that you would like to travel on.

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