Drugs and medicines to treat high blood pressure

This drug is the first choice in pregnancy-associated hypertension.

Dosage: Methyldopa 250 mg is taken orally, Medicines and Drugs to Treat High Blood Pressure Articles three to four times per day.

Methyldopa can cause drowsiness and sedation in most cases. However, this disappears within a few days. Other side effects are rare. They include dry mouth, nasal congestion and impotence. The drug can cause liver dysfunction effect of shrooms, but the functions return to normal after stopping it. It can cause anaemia and bone marrow depression in rare cases.

Clonidine (Arkamin)

By acting on the medulla, hypothalamus and other brain areas that are known to regulate blood pressure, it causes the heart rate to slow down and blood vessels dilate. Diuretics can enhance its effects.

Clonidine can be administered in doses ranging from 50 mg to 200 mg in two to three divided doses in mild to moderate hypertension.

The drug can cause drowsiness, and dry mouth. These effects may last as long as you continue the treatment. In 10-20% of cases, prolonged use can cause constipation or impotence. Allergy reactions such as skin rash or itching can be mild. Restlessness, nausea, chills, insomnia, and sweating may be experienced if the drug is abruptly stopped. Its use is decreasing.

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